Public, affordable and safe

Every year, at least 3 million Canadians are unable to fill their prescriptions due to cost. In addition to not filling prescriptions, many Canadians split or skip doses to try to make medications last longer. Not being able to take medications the way that they are prescribed leads to increased

Drug prices in Canada are among the highest in the world.

The idea of national drug coverage, or pharmacare, has been getting a lot of attention across Canada lately. More and more people are calling for a national pharmacare strategy, including doctors, nurses, economists, as well as people in contract and service jobs who don’t have drug coverage.  These calls reflect

Medicines are often under-used, overused and misused in Canada.

Studies show that 1 in every 6 cases where people end up in the hospital could have been prevented if prescription drugs were used appropriately. And about 3 million Canadians yearly can’t afford necessary medications — asthma inhalers, antibiotics, anticoagulants – even insulin. This is fundamentally unsafe, even more so

Ethical and economically responsible

Ensuring universal access to medically necessary prescription drugs is not only the ethical thing to do, it can also be the economically responsible thing to do. Our current patchwork of public and private drug coverage plans is inefficient. It costs governments, businesses, and families billions of dollars every year while